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Parapines by LarynDawn

Anon had asked me if I shipped it: 

I can feel your heart beat as warm as mine 

I think Parapines is cute, I don’t mind it, nor do I actively ship it. I reblog it from time to time because it comes on my dash now and then, but sorry man, I don’t have any fic recs! Search the tag! Usually pairing tags have fic rec posts and such, and if anything, I know alexdasmaster likes Parapines, (not sure if they’ve read any fics though) so check out their tags! 
TT: Draven and Beast Girl by LarynDawn
TT: Draven and Beast Girl

Anon had asked: y'know I never thought much about it, but what if BBRAE were gender bent? Do you think that's a silly idea?

Some quick concept pieces of what they might look like. THIS IDEA IS NOT STUPID AT ALL I LOVE IT. I had never really given it much thought either, I loved seeing other people’s takes on gender bent Titans, but this is my first swing at it. I think Draven and Beast Girl are the common gender bent names, right? Anyways, I had a pretty set idea on what Draven would look like, but Beast Girl is sorta in the air (I can’t figure out Draven’s uniform just yet but I can’t figure out Beast Girl’s hair either). 



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I basically sketch whatever comes to mind and have fun with it! I'm really into Hijack at the moment (Jack Frost from ROTG and Hiccup from HTTYD), so be prepared for it. I'm also having Teen Titans feels again at the moment, so tons of BBRae too. I also like Warrior U, Hetalia, Free!, Gravity Falls (and many things Disney) and a bunch of other miscellaneous things! I have a Tumblr where I pretty much post all the Hijack and maybe a few other things I might not post here.



If I do a request, then I want it to be something that I can enjoy doing. If it's not, then the quality of the request drops and frankly, I don't enjoy myself. Plus, request are, yes, free. I'm providing a service without any payment, so payments to me for a request is my enjoyment. I know it sounds mean, but that's how I see it :v I don't mind if you want to try and pitch your request idea to me, but know that it has a small chance of "being approved".

Also, please don't feel offended if I decide not to do your request! I actually am very flattered that you'd want something made by me, extremely so! But I also want time for my own art as well, and I get asked for requests a lot and have to explain this many times, so it kind of runs me down a bit. But please don't feel bad if you still want to see if I'll do the request! Thank you so much for considering me!


I most of the time take on commissions depending on what you ask for, this is because I am receiving payment for my work and therefore you will get a good quality piece (Or so I hope I provide the kind of quality work you are looking for) But please just send a note so we can talk it out if you are interested.
So I'm going to be opening up temporary sketch commissions because there are some prints on here I'd like to get for myself and for some friends. I want to be paid in points since they're easy to pay with here on deviantart and I don't have a paypal. 
Basically I'll be doing simple, basic sketches that are easy to push out, you won't be receiving them in the mail, they'll be posted and digital, but I'll never take them down so you'll always be able to find them here :) 

$2-3 For Basic sketches (160-240 points) 

$3 One full body character (240 points) 
Ex:… (without background and extra person) 

If there's anything specific or something you have in mind then send me a note and we can talk. Price can vary depending on complexity, style, etc. on specific commissions, but all commission prices will be predetermined and will not change after an agreed upon price. 

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That's just $20 guys, the point system here is crazy! XD Well, this is just here if you wanted to donate points, nothing special and no pressure at all to donate! It's just if you think I deserve it or want to leave a gift, I love all of you so don't worry about this!

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thank glob you're back :phew: 
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Oh gosh, thank you so much!~ :D I hope that you can continue to enjoy my work!~ 
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Ah! Finally! Your account is unsuspended and I can add you to my watch list now! Hi there! This is Gabby. I met you about a month ago at Aggie Siggraph when you were drawing Gravity Falls fan art of Bipper. I love all your art!
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